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Vol 19 No 2 (2020): Research and impact in social sciences education

Research and impact in social sciences education

Editors of this Issue

Andrea Szukala, University of Münster

Ian Davies, University of York, United Kingdom

Researchers explore and create knowledge, often with the intention (directly or indirectly) of facilitating change. In this edition of JSSE, we explore the interconnections between research and impact in social sciences education. The articles included in this edition emerge from work undertaken in 8 countries, across several age related phases of schooling and in professional development contexts. The authors explore the role of research illuminated through consideration of philosophical perspectives, power-dynamics in academic and political contexts and the nature of curricular and pedagogical innovation. There is reflection not only on the impact of educational interventions as revealed by research but also regarding the extent to which change may be achieved through research. 

Published: 2020-07-13
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COVID-19 pandemic and social science education

We are happy to publish this special issue which deals with the COVID-19 pandemic and social science education. Thanks to our editor Tilman Grammes we can present several articles in this current field of research.

Research and impact in social sciences education
The editors Andrea Szukala and Ian Davies present an issue which explores the interconnections between research and impact in social sciences education.

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  • Teacher Training for Social Science Education (2021)
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Edwards, D. Brent Jr. (2019): Global Education Policy, impact evaluations, and alternatives. The political economy of knowledge production.

Democracy and Education (John Dewey 1916)– a commentary and a handbook

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The study investigated how various school subjects can be integrated into archaeology teaching and how this could lead students towards empathy and a more sustainable worldview.
Andreas Eis, Claire Moulin-Doos
Hannu Heikkinen

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