Call for Book Reviews


Authors and publishers who want to suggest a book for review in the JSSE or who want to review a book are kindly asked to contact:

Prof. Dr. Tilman Grammes
Universität Hamburg
Fakultät Erziehungswissenschaft
Von-Melle-Park 8
20146 Hamburg

JSSE is interested in longer, thematically oriented review essays, especially according to the respective focus of the issue. Reviews must be written according to the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and should not be under review by other publications.
Keep in mind that the audience for your review will be social science educators of all educational levels. Reviews should be written in English without highly technical terms or jargon. 
Publication date of reviewed books should not be older than two years. Reviews of relevant books published in other than English language are highly welcome and should include a more detailed description and classification of content for the reader.
Be aware that your review will be edited, and it is not uncommon for revisions to be requested. Revision of a manuscript does not guarantee publication.