• Open Call 2-2024


    The editorial team of the Journal of Social Science Education kindly invites authors to submit papers. The JSSE is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal for research on teaching and learning in the broad field of social science education. The journal covers a wide range of topics on civic, citizenship, political, economic and social education.

    The deadline for submitting contributions to the Open Call 2-2024 is June 30, 2024. The review process for all submitted manuscripts starts in Juli 2024. The next Open Call 3-2024 will be published on the website in Juli, the deadline will be September 30, 2024.

    We ask for your understanding that submissions that do not meet the formal requirements of the JSSE Author Guidelines will not be accepted for review.

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  • Permanent Call for Country Reports: State of the art in social studies education in European countries


    The Journal of Social Science Education is committed to keeping its readers informed about the current state of social studies in Europe. Hence, we like to invite submission of papers that provide a documentary and descriptive overview of the current situation of civic, citizenship, economic, political and social education in individual countries to the European readership. A report should refer to educational institutions and policies in these fields, the scholarly state of the art, and the education of educators. It may describe the developments, decisions, policies, and events that have shaped the current situation on social science education. A list of country reports that have been published in JSSE can be found here.

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  • Post-Humanism and Social Science Education


    Editors: Werner Friedrichs, Bamberg/Germany; Inken Heldt, Kaiserslautern/Germany; Noora Pyyry, Helsinki/Finland; Jan Löfström, Turku/Finland.

    The Journal of Social Science Education will publish a Theme Issue on Post-Humanism in social science education (JSSE 1-2025). In this Call for Papers, we warmly invite readers to contribute to the issue!

    The world is at a tipping point. The much-discussed Anthropocene (or ‘Chthulucene’; Haraway, 2015) points to a ‘quake in being’ (Morton, 2013). Whether or not one accepts the concept as a factual description of a new geological era, there is very little disagreement about the significant impact on the planet’s ecosystems that humans, or specific human-made systems, are responsible for: climate change, global warming, alterations to the Earth’s carbon and nitrogen cycles, ocean acidification, and catastrophic biodiversity loss (Crutzen & Stormer, 2000; Latour et al., 2018). Such trends can no longer be described as a crisis only but could be understood as a ‘bifurcation’ (Bonneil & Fressoz, 2017): a call to dislodge and critically re-think the premises of the modern (Western) human subjectivity. A re-orientation is needed in thinking of what it means to be human: a post-human de-centering of the autonomous knowing subject (Braidotti, 2019). Further, this entails a need to also critically examine what learning is and how it is realised in different situations, in the spirit of resisting the instrumentalization and economization of education.

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  • Call for JSSE Special Issue Proposals


    The JSSE is looking for innovative research topics and ground-breaking ideas in the field of social science education, civic education, and economic education. We particularly aim to promote the development of new ideas and areas of research and to contribute to a dynamic scientific agenda setting in the field. This aims to encourage international teams of younger scientists to set topics together and to initiate a conversation about current challenges and issues. We therefore welcome submissions on any topic within the social science education that fit the academic profile of the journal, see here . We are particularly interested in receiving proposals that consider topics from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

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