Vol. 19 No. 4 (2020): Global education at crossroads


Editors of this Issue

Dalila P. Coelho, University of Porto, Portugal

João Caramelo, University of Porto, Portugal

Mehmet Açıkalın, Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa, Turkey


This edition of JSSE is dedicated to global education in Europe, and discusses challenges faced by this field based on the contribution of critical, postcolonial and decolonial perspectives. The authors explore how the influence of historical legacies and systemic issues, the role and challenges of pedagogical experiences and teacher training regarding issues like colonialism, peace, human rights and sustainable development, and also alternative research methodologies in global education. The texts included in this issue exemplify several “crossroads” faced by global education, at the epistemological and conceptual levels, as well as pedagogical, methodological and political.

Published: 2020-12-18