Normativity in Russian History Education: Political Patterns and National History Textbooks


  • Natalia Potapova The European University at St.Petersburg



My current research concerns the politics in Russian History education. In this paper I discuss some of the issues raised by the study of national History textbooks. I analyze the normative implications of sentences and statements about the past and try to define contrary ideological assumptions. How do the authors construct the aim of historical education? In what kind of activities do the typical patterns of textbook questions and instructions try to engage pupils? How do the different Textbooks construct the political subject? The article aims to explore the media construction of political actions in Russian School History Textbooks.

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Natalia Potapova, The European University at St.Petersburg

Natalia Potapova is Associate Professor at The European University at St-Petersburg, Department of History. Her research interests include Russian history, and she is primarily concerned with studying connections between culture and politics and the production of texts and ideology. She is also interested in criticism of historical knowledge and has participated in several international projects devoted to the criticism of contemporary historical thought. Natalia is the author of numerous publications in which she investigates the logical, moral, and ideological basis for methods of representing the past in school history textbooks, contemporary mass media, and academic historical journals.

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