Social science education in France – A fragmented educational landscape in transition


  • Christophe Straub Institute for Educational Studies, University of Mainz
  • Claire Ravez



Purpose: After a short historical presentation, this country report highlights current developments of social science education in France and clarifies its general status in the French school system, giving not only information about the curricula baselines, but also on current reforms, shifts and conflict lines among practitioners and researchers.

Design/methodology/approach: This article is based on a synopsis of both official documents and evaluation reports published by the French Ministry of Education and other public organs and scientific data such as empirical case studies.

Findings: Social sciences education falls under broad purposes such as educating citizens and preparing the future workforce. History, geography and civics are more established and taught to more students than other more recent subjects like Sciences économiques et sociales (Economic and social sciences), all of those subjects raising broader research questions.