From National Cultural Paradigms to European/Global Cultural Paradigms: A Copernican Revolution

  • Umberto Morelli University of Turin
Keywords: European integration, sovereignty, nation-state, intergovernmentalism, national populism, education for citizenship


- The polycrisis that the European Union is experiencing calls into question the very essence of the EU itself.

- Dissemination of national-populist propaganda that feeds the myth of the restoration of national sovereignty, an illusion which is unable to respond to the current challenges.

- Citizens’ disillusionment with the European Union, which has not met their expectations.

- Unification can no longer be founded on market and economic criteria alone, rather a sense of belonging to Europe needs to be boosted to make it a point of reference for identity.

- Shaping the European citizen, who must undertake a Copernican revolution in the paradigms used to interpret the contemporary world, and rethinking what a nation is.