Editorial: Assessment and National Exams in Social Studies and Social Sciences





In the Introduction are outlined some central questions relating to why there has been increased interest toward assessment, evaluation and testing in educational policy in the last 30 years, and what effect this may have had on pedagogy. In the Introduction attention is drawn to the both negative and positive potential that there is in the new emphasising of student assessment.

Author Biographies

Jan Löfström, University of Turku

Jan Löfström, PhD, is Professor of History and Social Studies Education in the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Turku, Finland. He has been engaged in the designing of History and Social Studies exams and assessingexam papers in the Finnish Matriculation Examination since 2000, also as the Head of the Section for Social Studies.

David Rosenlund

David Rosenlund,PhD, is Associated Professor of Mediation of History at Malmo University, Sweden. He has participated in designing the Swedish national test in history and is currently researching large-scale assessments in Sweden.

Birgit Weber

Birgit Weber,Dr., is Professor of Social Science with a focus on Economic Education at the University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany. She has participated in examining the assessments of the social Studies exams in the North-Rhine-Westfalian Abitur Examination since 2009. https://www.hf.uni-koeln.de/34753?lang=2; birgit.weber@uni-koeln.de


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