Creating Citizenship Communities

  • Ian Davies
  • Gillian Hampden Thompson
  • Maria Tsouroufli
  • Vanita Sundaram
  • Pippa Lord
  • Jennifer Jeffes
  • George Bramley


The project ‘Creating Citizenship Communities’ is funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and is being conducted by a partnership team from the Department of Education, University of York and the National Foundation for Educational Research. This article describes the project design and draws attention to issues emerging from data analysis. An indication is given of the actions to be taken with professionals and young people in light of the project findings. An argument is made for the need to co-ordinate work in schools by developing stronger liaison between citizenship education teachers and those responsible for whole school initiatives to promote community engagement; and helping teachers to build on young people’s existing knowledge and expertise in community matters to help them understand and act more effectively in society

Author Biographies

Ian Davies
Ian Davies is Professor of Education at the University of York
Gillian Hampden Thompson
Dr. Gillian Hampden Thompson is director of research in the department of education, University of York
Maria Tsouroufli

Dr. Maria Tsouroufli is lecturer in medical education  at the University of Dundee.



Vanita Sundaram
Dr. Sundaram is a lecturer in education at the University of York.
Pippa Lord
Pippa Lord is a Senior Research Officer at the National Foundation for Educational Research
Jennifer Jeffes
Jennifer Jeffes is a research officer at the National Foundation for Educational Research.
George Bramley
George Bramley is a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham