Teaching economics outside one's own subject area at lower secondary level in Austria – enriching or embarrassing?


  • Christian Fridrich Pädagogische Hochschule Wien




teaching outside one’s own subject area, Austria, empirical survey, Socio-economics education, social inequalities


Purpose: This paper will examine the extent to which Economics education within the integrated Austrian subject of Geography and Economics delivered by teachers outside their own subject area differs from teaching delivered by those with a formal qualification in the subject. 

Design: Hypothesis testing was carried out using variance analyses, factor analyses and χ² independence tests; qualitative content analysis was used to evaluate responses to the open questions of a questionnaire (Mayring 2000, Kuckartz 2012). 

Findings: The results show significant differences between the two teacher groups with regard to the popularity of Economics education, attitudes towards economics generally, and professional self-image. 

Limitations and implications: For resource reasons, the study had to be limited to Vienna. A further broader investigation seems necessary. 

Practical implications: In order to support teachers working outside their own subject area, two project networks have 

Author Biography

Christian Fridrich, Pädagogische Hochschule Wien

Dr. Christian Fridrich is Professor in Geographical and Socio-Economic Education at the University of Teacher Education Vienna and heads the department there. He also teaches at the Universities of Graz and Vienna.His research interests include theory, didactics and implementation of economic education; lifeworlds, subjective ideas and conceptual change; pictorial pedagogy and visual literacy.


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