Editorial: Economic Education and Constructivist Didactics

  • Andreas Fischer


Against the background of constructivist theories, this article is on the lookout for complex teaching-learning arrangements and participant-activating methods for economic education as well as it investigates didactic models that are part of the didactic discourse since the 1970s. Among other things, the didactic principle of the hands-on approach is being analysed critically. It is emphasized that didactic concepts centre on intervening measures of teachers that understand learning as a process directed from the outside and see contents to be imparted as an objectively given structure. The writer argues for economic didactics as a scientific discipline to examine the different existing approaches and forms to design didactic concepts

theories that help in explaining teaching situations in economic classes from a constructivist perspective. In its role as a service provider economic didactics should make recommendations on broadening teacher and learner activities to enable self-responsibility and individuality of the single person.